Meeting Guidelines

The second and fouthTuesday of each month is the Business Meeting. If there is a speaker, they will be on the second Tuesday. The Business Meeting starts at 12:15 and adjourns upon the completion of business or 1:20pm, whichever comes first. The first and third meetings will be on the same schedule as below, but with a nightime meeting and the Ringing of Bell at 6pm.

12:15pm/ 6pm:  Ringing of the Bell – Meeting called to order.

America – Opening song
Pledge of Allegiance
Lions Toast*


Open Floor
Chair recognizes requests for floor time.
Announcements and short reports.

Meeting turned over to program representative who introduces program speaker.
NOTE: Speakers are allowed 30 minutes.  Please inform speakers of ground rules when requesting their services. After meeting adjournment, the speaker may remain for questions.

Program representative thanks speaker, and turns the meeting back to the chair.
Closing ceremonies as circumstances dictate.

The first Tuesday of each month is the Business Meeting. There is no speaker. The Business Meeting starts at 12:45 and adjourns upon the completion of business or 1:20 whichever comes first.


Lions Toast:

Not above you…
Not beneath you…
But always with you.



Dear God, Creator and Giver of all things, we give you thanks for this meal together. May we sense your presence moving us to serve our community and our world, wherever there is need, with renewed commitment and loving care for friend and stranger. Guide and strengthen us as members of this Lions Club to do your work with humility, patience, and joy, to your honor and glory.

Written and dedicated to the Barre Lions Club by Fr. Fernand Couture